Sunday Worship and Daily Prayer

We gather as a community through Zoom and share prayers and worship through Facebook and YouTube.

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Southminster COVID-19 Protocols

Sunday Worship will be posted on our YouTube channel, on Facebook, and on this page.

Daily Prayer

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The PC(USA) Directory for Worship on Daily Prayer
In the worship of ancient Israel, “daily hours were set aside for sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. Even after the loss of the Temple, morning, noon, and evening were established times for prayer. Jesus set aside regular times for prayer, and the believing community gathered daily for prayer in the Temple, in an upper room, and in their homes. New Testament writers exhorted the Church to pray without ceasing. Through the ages, the Church has maintained special hours for daily prayer, historically known as the daily office.

The Reformed tradition adapted the pattern of the daily office, to provide an occasion not only for prayer but also for the public reading and expounding of Scripture. Daily public worship is to be commended as a dimension of the life and witness of the church as it ministers in and to the community. Changing patterns of life have also led to the expression of daily prayer in family and personal devotion, which are encouraged as a part of the regular discipline of the Christian life.” (W-1.3012)

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