Common Worship and Prayer

By / February 5, 2019

2/10/19 5th Sunday after Epiphany

SERVICE for THE LORD’S DAY 5th Sunday After Epiphany   INTRODUCTION We gather to worship God on the Lord’s Day...

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By / February 3, 2019

2/3/19 4th Sunday after Epiphany

CELEBRATION OF HOLY COMMUNION 4th Sunday After Epiphany   INTRODUCTION The glory of God is often revealed when and where...

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By / January 27, 2019

1/27/19 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Morning Prayer + 3rd Sunday after Epiphany (Book of Common WOrship 2018)   INTRODUCTION The glory of the Lord is...

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By / January 20, 2019

1/20/19 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

2nd Sunday after Epiphany   INTRODUCTION The Sundays after Epiphany continue to celebrate the revelation of the glory of God to...

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By / January 10, 2019

1/13/2019 Baptism of Our Lord Sunday

CELEBRATION OF THE BAPTISM OF OUR LORD From the Book of Common Worship (2018)   INTRODUCTION The Baptism of Our...

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By / December 31, 2018

1/6/2019 Epiphany with Holy Communion


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By / December 27, 2018

12/23/18 4th Sunday of Advent

FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT INTRODUCTION Cradle and cross are inextricably connected on the fourth Sunday of Advent. Between a lovely...

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By / December 6, 2018

12/9/18 Second Sunday of Advent

INTRODUCTION Christ is on the way!  We prepare our homes and hearts, clearing away distractions to make room for the...

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By / November 30, 2018

12/2/18 First Sunday of Advent

INTRODUCTION Advent is about the "coming days." God's people have always lived in great expectation, but that expectation finds specific,...

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By / November 24, 2018

November 25, 2018 – Reign of Christ Sunday

reign of christ sunday morning prayer (Book of Common WOrship 2018)   INTRODUCTION Even after Israel had experienced the vagaries...

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By / November 15, 2018

11/18/18 Thanksgiving Service with Holy Communion

TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST Service of Thanksgiving with Holy Communion  INTRODUCTION Today's readings reflect two of the strains that go...

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By / November 1, 2018

11/4/18 All Saints Sunday with Holy Communion

INTRODUCTION Of all three years of the lectionary cycle, this year's All Saints readings have the most tears. Isaiah and...

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By / October 26, 2018

10/28/18 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

TWENTY-third Sunday AFTER PENTECOST INTRODUCTION Can we pray the way Bartimaeus prays? People try to hush him up because by...

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By / October 18, 2018

10/21/18 22nd Sunday after Pentecost

TWENTY-SECOND Sunday AFTER PENTECOST INTRODUCTION Today's gospel starts with disciples obsessing over who's number one, which leads Jesus to say...

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By / October 11, 2018

10/14/18 21st Sunday after Pentecost + Service of Morning Prayer

INTRODUCTION The rich man who comes to ask Jesus what he should do to inherit eternal life is a good man, sincere in his asking. Mark's gospel is alone in saying that Jesus looked on him and loved him. Out of love, not as judgment, Jesus offers him an open door to life: sell all you own and give it to the poor. Our culture bombards us with the message that we will find life by consuming. Our assemblies counter this message with the invitation to find life by divesting for the sake of the other.

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By / October 3, 2018

10/7/18 World Communion Sunday

Today's gospel combines a saying that makes many of us uncomfortable with a story we find comforting. Jesus' saying on divorce is another of his rejections of human legislation in favor of the original intent of God's law. Jesus' rebuke of the disciples who are fending off the children should challenge us as well. What does it mean to receive the kingdom of God as a child does?

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By / September 27, 2018

9/30/18 19th Sunday after Pentecost

The congregation is invited to stand, as able, at those times marked with an * Bold print, the community speaks...

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