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News letter from Al and Ellen Smith

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Christian Formation

Stop off in Nelson hall for the coffee hour first. We will begin in the basement Room 102 around 10:45. We are starting to collect for Bees, so remember your offering! The K-2nd and 3rd-5th classes will rotate separately after our opening and we will conclude around 11:45.

American Theology, Superhero Comics, and Cinema: The Marvel of Stan Lee and the Revolution of a Genre

We’ll extensively, but not exclusively, consider the American Superhero as imagined by Stan Lee, and how his/her development in many ways mirrors the way American society and theology envision us and our relationship to each other.
If you’d like to buy the book, the link is below. It’s not necessary, though. “To be real, and human, is to be in relation, and to need, and to be needed, and to need each other. Such is the wisdom of, and call from, both prophetic Christian theologians and Stan Lee’s superhero stories.”
Session 2: The turn to relationality as pioneered in American Theology by Thomas Merton and other 20th/21st century theologians, and in comic books by the Amazing Stan Lee!

Readers Café Semester #2 January 29 – March 26 [Tuesdays]

We are in need of reading partners! Whittier Elementary School has been a SPC mission partner since October 2007. Southminster members meet in the library at Whittier Elementary School on Tuesdays @ 11:30 -12:10 PM, eat lunch with an assigned student partner and read a good book together. Reading partners get to know the student’s interests and abilities through conversation. They encourage a child’s interest in reading and they model reading for pleasure.
Please contact Brian Falk or the church office if you have questions or want to volunteer. Please consider participating in this wonderful program that is so valuable to the kids as well as the adult volunteers.

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