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Church Calendar

SPC Worship Schedule

Morning Prayer, 10:00 am CT live-streamed on Facebook, available on YoutTube channel. You do not need a Facebook or YouTube account to watch the live service, nor access the video afterward Join us at the Southminster campus at 10:00 am for our in-person service with fellowship following.

We are re-emerging from the pandemic! Sunday Worship Gathering at 10 am

  • 4th Advent 2 Morning Prayer 10 am
  • 7th Evensong 6 pm
  • 11th Advent 3 Morning Prayer and Hanging of the Greens 10 am
  • 18th Advent 4 Morning Prayer 10 am
  • 21st Evensong (Longest Night) 6 pm
  • 24th Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion 4 pm
  • 25th Christmas Carols and Communion 10 am

**Digital Ministry: The digital ministry is on a break. We are rethinking our current model in light of our capacities, which include volunteers. Stay tuned for updates and if the digital ministry will continue. **

Covid Update \ Protocols

Session has determined we will go back to masks being optional for the fully vaccinated (and boosted), with food and fellowship after service.

Poinsettia Orders

The Worship Ministry Team invites members to order poinsettias as part of our Advent decorations for the church. You may purchase a poinsettia in memory or celebration of a person or event. The cost is $12. If you wish to take a plant home, they will be available after the service on January 8. Order forms are available in the Narthex.

Decorating the Church

On December 4th the Worship Music Team invites everyone to grab a beverage and snack during fellowship time and then join us to decorate the sanctuary for Advent.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

As the violence in Ukraine continues, the number of people being displaced internally and fleeing to neighboring countries increases by the day. And in the midst of the chaos, there are sibling churches and ecumenical partners who are already providing assistance with basic items for survival. Our first priority is to provide funding to these partners on the ground. While the scale of this crisis is new, receiving refugees from Ukraine and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe is not, which means we have trusted, established partners with the knowledge and expertise to carry out this important work. Our response will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead
– Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
GIVE: To support emergency relief for those fleeing Ukraine, designate gifts to DR000156 .Gifts can be made online .
ACT: Urge the U.S. government to support generous aid for refugees and civilians suffering in Ukraine, and call for engaging a diplomatic solution to the conflict.
PRAY: May we undergird our prayers with tangible resources to help.
May we reach deeply, give generously, and welcome extravagantly.
May we lift our voices in a strong and unified advocacy.
May we all, even as we breathe in lament, breathe out mercy, hope and peace.
And in this Lenten season, when we walk the way toward death and resurrection, repent our complicity in cultures of violence and renew our efforts toward justice and peace.

Prayers Of The People

Are you looking for a way to get involved? Do you feel led to volunteer at church? Are you someone who enjoys actively participating in Sunday worship services? The Deacons are looking for volunteers to read the “Prayers of the People” during our Sunday worship services. They are working on putting a schedule together currently to get through August. If you are interested in volunteering to help, please contact Bob Leinss at to find out more about this great opportunity!

Worship Leaders Are Needed!

Come and read scripture, lead a prayer. Contact Pastor Christian to signup for a Sunday. Feel called to learn how to construct and lead a meditation (i.e. preach), Contact Pastor Christian and Elder Paula Tillen. They will be instituting a “Lay Preacher” class after Pentecost.

Southminster Blessings Box

The Blessing Box has been installed at the Southminster Church Campus, right at the entry to the car park. If you have the ability, and would like to contribute, you can stop by the church to place any items inside to share with the community.
The Blessing Box has been installed at the Southminster Church Campus, right at the entry to the car park. If you have the ability, and would like to contribute, you can stop by the church to place any items inside to share with the community.

As the seasons change so do the offerings in our Blessings Box. Please do not include any cans or glass containers or items that would be affected by freezing and warming temperatures. Since the initiation of the Thursday pantry, we have focused our items in the Blessings Box on items that will appeal to kids as they walk to and from the school bus and the park.

Popular items are flavored water or juice pouches, yogurt pouches, granola bars, trail mix, small size candy, and chips–the kinds of snacks kids might eat in or after school. Please no raisins or cereal. Judy Johnson encountered a Grandmother when she was filling the box who told her she like to get a couple of items that she couldn’t afford for when her grandchildren visited. As it gets colder, mittens, gloves, hats, lip balm might also be appreciated.

Scam Text Messages

Pastor Christian’s identity is being used for a text message scam. Disregard any text message from any phone number that claims to be “the Rev. Dr. Christian Boyd”. This is a prevalent scam that tries to get people to buy untraceable gift cards, per news reports over the last few years. Do not respond to the text, and do not buy any gift cards. As Pastor Christian notes, he will never ask for gift card donations for any cause by email or text; he has one mobile phone (618-292-8583); and the fraudster committed multiple errors with his name (never use to abbreviates next to each other, missing the middle initial, and if he knows you, he would not be that formal). We have also received a message from the Presbytery indicating that another text message scam is being sent out using Rachel Yates information. Please do not respond to this– it is not legitimate!

Christian Formation

We begin this new year with a key aspect of being a disciple: Following Jesus. Each Sunday, Stephanie will send out an email to the congregation filled with opportunities and resources to delve into the theme and practice of the module. We will also be integrating the themes and practices into the various worship and activities of Southminster. **Don’t forget to check your email on Sunday mornings to receive the weeks study material and lessons**

**Life after Loss Support Group**

For the safety and protection and in response to the recommendation of social distancing, this group is currently on hold from meeting in person. We will provide updates here as we navigate through these times.

On Saturday January 11th, 2020, we will launch a Life after Loss Support Group that will offer us the opportunity to listen to and support one another; to love one another as God has loved us. The group will be coordinated by Jim O’Dell and Edee Rolli.
We will welcome those who have experienced any kind of loss:
the loss of a loved one; the loss of a job; the end of a friendship, relationship or marriage; a missed opportunity – where a door was closed, and no window opened.
The first meeting of the Life after Loss Support Group will be held at Edee’s home on Sat. Jan. 11th at 1:30 p.m.
Please contact Jim O’Dell or Edee Rolli if you are interested.

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