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Rebuilding the church and families in Russia – Spring 2019 Mission Crossroads Article – Ellen Smith
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Church Calendar

SPC Worship Schedule

  • Morning Prayer, 9:30 am CT live-streamed on Facebook, available on YoutTube channel. You do not need a Facebook or YouTube account to watch the live service, nor access the video afterward
  • Pastor Christian away June 9-15
    While Pastor Christian is away to be with his family, The Presbytery Executive, Elder Rachel Yates, JD, will be leading Morning Prayer on Sunday, June 13th
  • May 30th (Holy Trinity) Morning Prayer
  • June 20th – Sunday, June 20th will be Senior and Graduate Recognition Sunday
    Outdoor Church Service – please plan to be there and the seniors will be recognized during the service
    Post-service Celebration – after the service, we will do a little more talking about each student (since we don’t want to give out much personal information during a live-streamed/recorded service) and then we will have some treats to celebrate!!!

Vaccinated or not, the following protocols will be observed by those worshipping in-person:

  1. Everyone is encouraged to register in advance (to ensure space and serve as our COVID tracker) To register click here, contact the church office or contact pastor Christian. Walk-ins welcomed the day of the services, with the understanding, there is limited seating (Nelson Hall mostly)
  2. Wear your mask
  3. Keep 6 feet apart from others, if possible (families may sit in pods)
  4. Wash your hands
  5. If you are feeling ill or if you may have been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend and visit DHS’ testing page to learn the different ways you can get tested.
  6. Washroom facilities, one person at a time… and wash your hands.

Based on the statistics of infection and vaccination rates, the Session approved us to move to the next phase of return.

Starting June 15 (when the pastor returns from vacation), we move to the honor system, wearing or not wearing masks inside is voluntary for vaccinated folks. Session recognizes and honors that everyone who has been vaccinated may not feel comfortable not wearing a mask yet, and others may need to wear a mask still due to their own health issues.

In addition, we are encouraged to practice social/physical distancing indoors, masks or no masks, advised at least 3 feet apart, until September, and all should honor people’s space and people’s choices regarding managing health risks.

The limited self-serve coffee station and pre-packaged treats for post-worship social in mid-June or early July are being explored with plans to implement.

We are looking to be back to a form of “normalcy” in September, which includes choir, et cetera.

Please let us know if you need someone to call you or if you know of someone in need. During this time of limited physical contact, we will find creative ways to be the loving embrace of God to each other and our neighbors. Specifically, the Deacons will be reaching out to our most vulnerable members. They will be checking in to see what support may be needed, such as meals, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.

Southminster Blessings Box

The Blessing Box has been installed at the Southminster Church Campus, right at the entry to the car park. If you have the ability, and would like to contribute, you can stop by the church to place any items inside to share with the community.
The Blessing Box has been installed at the Southminster Church Campus, right at the entry to the car park. If you have the ability, and would like to contribute, you can stop by the church to place any items inside to share with the community.

We are beginning to get a feel for things that people seem to find most useful in the Blessings Box. Judy Johnson has been monitoring the box weekly and suggests that we avoid glass containers and cans for winter, and put cardboard boxes in plastic bags or avoid them because they get wet and soggy. Really large boxes of food take up too much space and don’t seem to be as popular as single serve items. Judy reports she stocked the box with cracker and cheese sandwiches, single serve fruit cups, single serve entrees that are heat and serve, a small box of tea bags and some squeeze fruit, and almost all were gone in a day! She shops the dollar items at Meijers.

Here is an additional list of items to consider donating:
Food Items: Soft packs Tuna/Chicken, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cereal, Oatmeal, Pop Tarts, Breakfast Bars, Boxed and Canned Soup (with pop-up lids), Rice/Pasta, Dried Beans, Crackers, Coffee/Tea/Cocoa, Cake/Brownie/Cookie Mixes, Healthy Snacks, Baby Food.
Personal Items: Travel size Toiletries; Razor; Toothbrush; Tooth Paste; Diapers, Wet Wipes, Hats/Gloves/Scarfs, Lip Balm

Thank you to Judy Johnson for the great tips!!

Sunday Worship

We will be live streaming on our Facebook page at 9:30 am CT, and the videos will be available on our YouTube channel and emailed out on Sunday afternoons. No more in-person worship services are planned until the Spring, hopefully by Holy Week. Join us on Sundays for our Virtual Sunday Worship.

Southminster and COVID 19

Covid 19 Plan
We are constantly evolving and adapting as we live into the new reality of being Church and being a community of faith called to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our neighborhood and beyond.
The session recently adopted a COVID-19 plan, which may change as the science and protocols on the virus continues to progress…
Click here to read the entire message from the council of elders

Building Use
As we continue to navigate Covid-19 at Southminster, we are implementing a few protocols for the cleanliness of the building and safety of all. As it currently stands, Southminster is in pre-phase 1 of re-opening the facility (as outlined here). It is being requested that anyone planning to use the facility (within the required specifications of the re-opening plan), to please contact Steph Gallagher in the church office ( to set up a time as well as to inform her what part of the facility will be used when visiting. Steph and Josie will be working together to ensure the building is maintained and any areas needing attention are taken care of during Josie’s cleaning regimen. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this.

The Church office will not be open on a daily basis. Appointments are necessary to meet with Stephanie. Please contact us if you need to set up a time.
Please make sure any announcements for the bulletin are sent into the office by 12:00pm Wednesdays.

Christian Formation

Leadership, Culture, & Community Study by ZOOM

Instructor: Pastor Christian Boyd

Join Pastor Christian in an abbreviated version of the course he taught at Carroll University this past Fall!

  • starting January 6th, 2021
  • Wednesdays 6:30 pm CT by Zoom

Click here for more info and to get registered

Connect with Christian Formation Resources

Don’t forget to check out Thursday “Christian Formation” emails, which will be returning next week, on January 7th, 2021! This is an excellent tool for you to use at home that is packed with resources for children, teens, adults, and families!

And as a reminder, if you would like any of these resources made available for you and your family in a printed format, let Steph Gallagher know. She will be happy to arrange how those items can be delivered to you. (pick-up or drop-off)

**Life after Loss Support Group**

For the safety and protection and in response to the recommendation of social distancing, this group is currently on hold from meeting in person. We will provide updates here as we navigate through these times.

On Saturday January 11th, 2020, we will launch a Life after Loss Support Group that will offer us the opportunity to listen to and support one another; to love one another as God has loved us. The group will be coordinated by Jim O’Dell and Edee Rolli.
We will welcome those who have experienced any kind of loss:
the loss of a loved one; the loss of a job; the end of a friendship, relationship or marriage; a missed opportunity – where a door was closed, and no window opened.
The first meeting of the Life after Loss Support Group will be held at Edee’s home on Sat. Jan. 11th at 1:30 p.m.
Please contact Jim O’Dell or Edee Rolli if you are interested.

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