Leaders and Staff Directory



Session Elders and Ministries

Laura Sodemann (Mission) Karl Anderson (Resource) Jeff Hein (Resource)
John Clausz (Worship) Sally DeVriend (Mission) Bob Lawrence (Property)
Laura Sodemann (Mission) Linda Melton (Worship and Music) John Negley (Christian Ed)
Robert Hedgcock (Fun & Fellowship) Dale Morgan (Evangelism) Andy Winters (Christian Ed)
Pastor Christian Boyd, Moderator Mary Schmitendorf (Clerk) Carol Merrifield, Treasurer


Judy Shane-Bayer Meghan Koos (Prayer List) Alice Lundstrom
Jan Leech, Vice Moderator Berta Alvarez Donna Bell
Beth Kurz, Secretary Mary Hedgcock Jean Barber
Frank Hedgcock, Finance Lois Mount Don Elliot
Kevin Allen Josie Acosta-St. Peter Leslie Rather




The Rev’d Dr. Christian Boyd, Pastor Ms. Shelby Perez, Church Administrator
The Rev. Roger Woehl, Parish Associate Elder Katie Ebel, Seminary Intern/Assistant Pastor
Mrs. Paula Tillen, Director of Music Ministry, Chancel Choir and Organist Mrs. Claire Kolhlmann, Church School Superintendent
Mrs. Gerry Elliott, Music Assoc. for Bells, Carol, and Junior Choir Director Mrs. Sarah Bristol, Director of Youth and Family Ministry
Ms. Amy Sander, Child Care Ms. Josie Acosta-St. Peter, Sexton
Ms. Courtney Crouse, Child Care Mr. Roberto Acosta, Sexton Emeritus


Comprehensive Staff, Leadership, Ministry Team and Session Committee Member Directory

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