Rooted and Reaching in Faith, Service, and Community

Love and Service

Service. This is the second mandate of our mission or purpose as a Christian community in the Presbyterian tradition.

Thus, Southminster fosters activities and attitudes in our congregation that emphasize God’s call to us to make a difference in the world through serving others and by reminding others of God’s offer of salvation through Jesus Christ.

How is God calling you to serve or volunteer?

We are Local & International

We are rooted in our local community, but we are also called to serve those who are our neighbors in other countries.

Guatemala Partnership
Over the past 18 years Southminster has been instrumental in building 15 bridges and 16 schools. The lives of many thousands of people have been improved due to efforts and donations from Southminster.

Church World Service
CWS is the relief, development, and refugee assistance ministry.

PCUSA Special Offerings
Four churchwide special offerings providing congregations direct ways of supporting specific causes that help those in need.

Mission Co-workes Al and Ellen Smith
The Smiths’ ministry is one of reconciliation, fulfilling the biblical call to help people be reconciled to each other and to God through Jesus Christ. That call extends to the Roma people, one of the most marginalized groups in Europe. Once known as Gypsies, the Roma face limited educational opportunities, bleak employment prospects, and widespread prejudice

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